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Embracing the new world

Infinitum Card, the first rechargeable prepaid card with cryptocoins that accepts holders from all over the world.


Bitcoin and Qwark included.

Direct loading

Rechargeable directly in bitcoin.


Works with more than 40 other cryptocoins.

What else?

Infinitum Card MasterCard.
Infinitum Flame celebrates its anniversary by launching a unique and unrivalled product after two years as a leading cryptocurrencies network marketing company. If you don't have it yet, apply and be one of the first to have it and take advantage of all its advantages. The card can be used in all countries of the world and cardholders can live in all the countries, more information here.

Euro ready

Balance in euros.

Buy bitcoins

Buy bitcoins at any time from the card balance (for the moment only in Europe, but soon for all the world).


Accepted as a means of payment worldwide.

Get cash

Possibility of making ATM withdrawals.

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Card Package

The Infinitum Card is a product marketed only by Infinitum Flame Limited.

To purchase it you need to purchase a package that includes other services.

The best and the only choice

Infinitum Card MasterCard.

Take advantage of this opportunity to earn significant commissions for selling a product that everyone wants to have. The Infinitum Card, besides being the best option for the user of cryptocoins, is also the best option for those people who recommend it to their contacts because being active distributors of Infinitum Flame can charge two types of commissions..

Up to 60% of the value of the package is split into a single commercial bonus that pays up to 40 depth levels. More detailed information in the official presentation of Infinitum Flame: here

But the Infinitum Card also rewards you with 0.75% of the amount of all top-ups made by members of your first level and 0.25% of all top-ups made by members of your second level. Recommend now that no one has it and quickly build an important residual in constant growth that you can charge indefinitely while you are active.