Discover a new way
to manage your money.

Spend Cryptocurrencies Anywhere.
Crypto Debit Card and Online Wallet.

Multi Crypto-currency Card

Load the balance of your card with any cryptocurrency easily and immediately.

Exchange inside

You can load the card with bitcoins and buy bitcoins with the balance of your card.

Send funds card to card

Send money worldwide to any user without frontiers immediately.

Trusted by leaders in industry

We give you security, confidence and efficiency.

Additional benefits

Infinitum Flame distribution system

You can get referral commissions by becoming an Infinitum Flame distributor.

We have designed a specific compensation plan that distributes 47% of the card cost in commissions between the active distributors in Infinitum Flame.

Half of this percentage is used to pay the commission of the direct sponsor, while the rest is divided into ten additional levels, whose percentages decrease in depth.

If you do not have a sponsor, the system automatically assigns you one

Available soon

Without frontiers

Send and receive

Sending funds to your family in another country will never be a problem.

Cheap, easy and fast.

You decided

You can choose what type of funds to transfer between cryptocurrencies and traditional currencies.

ATM withdraw

Make your purchases or withdraw cash from ATM machines.

Skrill and Paypal

You can load it with funds using Paypal or Skrill systems.


Choose between the versions for euro, dollar or pound.